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Working for Newcastle City Council

Working for the City Council in Newcastle isn’t like any other job. Everything we do has an impact on the people that live in our City so our commitment, diligence and energy have to be second to none.

Many people are surprised at the variety of roles that the Council offer. It’s certainly more than most expect and the breadth of talent that we employ and require is quite remarkable.

We currently employ over 5,000 staff in a range of services from gardeners to market managers, road menders to architects. They’re supported by equally varied staff ranging from accountants to solicitors, administrators to press officers.

As a council and as a city we have high aspirations including delivering the vision of a vibrant, inclusive, safe, sustainable and modern European city. At the same time we need to deliver ambitious change to keep to our financial targets.

Our people are the key to delivering successful outcomes for our customers and citizens, which is the focus of our work. We are driving organisational performance, transforming the way we work together. You can find out more about our Vision and Values, in our Council Plan.

Newcastle City Council supports agile and flexible approaches to working.

Budget 2022: A clean, green, and inclusive city for all

We have faced an extended period of financial uncertainty and challenge. The economic impact of COVID-19 following a decade of austerity with government imposed funding cuts and unfunded cost pressures has had a profound impact on our budget and therefore services for the city.

Since 2010, we have had to make savings of £335 million which has significantly altered our financial landscape for years to come. In response to the continued challenge, we have innovated, transformed and streamlined services and we continue to drive growth in all that we do, both to create jobs and to help fund our ambitions for the city.

To set a balanced budget for 2022-23, we need to save £12 million from our services, while maintaining the essential services that our communities rely on. This is expected to be followed by further savings of £12 million in 2023-24 and another £12 million in 2024-25 – a total of £36 million over the next three years.

The documents below set out our medium-term financial planning proposals to tackle this ongoing financial challenge. We are currently consulting with stakeholders on the proposals.

A clean, green and inclusive city for all: our medium-term financial planning for 2022-23 to 2024-25
Appendix 1 – 2022-23 Revenue and capital plan
Appendix 2 – 2022-23 Summary of service proposals

Living and working in Newcastle

Newcastle - a great past and an exciting future.

Our great city, once at the forefront of industrial innovation, is now at the forefront of science, learning and culture. We have a deserved reputation for being one of the friendliest and liveliest cities in Europe and one of the most cosmopolitan in the country.

As a place to work it also has a lot to offer with all areas of the region being serviced by one of the most comprehensive public transport networks anywhere in the UK. There has been an enormous amount of investment bringing large numbers of jobs, not least within the service sector of which the Council is the largest employer. Surveys often suggest that people in the north east enjoy a better quality of life than anywhere else in England, not least because of a relatively low cost of living.

Outside of working hours Newcastle has something for everyone’s social taste. The newly restored Grainger Town is second only to Bath for its number of listed buildings. The dynamic Quayside area has some of the city’s quality restaurants and cafes, traditional pubs and contemporary bars, and the city is rich with live music and theatre. Not forgetting sport with Newcastle Falcons, Newcastle United and the Great North Run.

The region has beautiful countryside, a dramatic coast line and friendly people. We’re the regional capital for over two million people across North East England, with significant influence within the region. We’re working towards being a truly competitive city, becoming dynamic and entrepreneurial at the heart of the regional economy.

Newcastle is increasingly a European regional centre of national and international significance.